Tips for Coordinating Care for an Out-of-State Senior Family Member

Coordinating care for an out-of-state family member can be a challenge, but an organized care plan ensures that your loved one can be comfortable in his or her own home. Life away from senior family members can be difficult, and it only becomes more emotionally taxing as they age. At-home care can offer peace of mind to you and a higher quality of life to your relative.

Easy Recipes That Satisfy Elderly Dietary Requirements

Vitamin and other dietary deficiencies can have devastating effects on the elderly. According to studies published in the Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging, Annual Review of Nutrition, and the Journal of Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management respectively, 10-15 percent of people over sixty are lacking vitamin B12, 50 percent of the elderly do not get enough folate, and 90 percent of women likely lack recommended calcium levels. The Journal of Clinical Interventions in Aging attributes these deficiencies to poor or insufficient dietary habits. Luckily, there is a relatively easy fix. We’ve compiled a list of easy recipes that can help satisfy elderly dietary requirements.

The Best Activities, Hobbies, And Social Opportunities for Seniors

Retirement and lack of responsibility often lead to stagnation in life as we age. It’s simply too easy to spend time alone on the couch when nothing is forcing us to stay active. Studies have shown, however, that taking part in social activities can lead to an increased lifespan. A study published in The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal) found that social and productive activities were associated with longevity in participants over age 65. To get the most from the golden years, it pays to be productive.

Why Headaches Are a Symptom That Should Never Be Ignored

As we age, it becomes more necessary to pay closer attention to what our bodies are telling us. Symptoms we may have dismissed when we were younger can have serious consequences. A numb leg can mean diabetes, or a lingering cough can indicate lung cancer. Even the most innocuous aches and pains can indicate the need for a swift trip to the emergency room. One of these commonly ignored symptoms that can signify something much more serious is a simple headache. While not every headache warrants concern, we’ve compiled a list of more specific headache-related conditions that all senior citizens (and caregivers) should be aware of:

The Thyroid and Aging: An Overview

Aging often brings with it changes in bodily system function. Most often, we hear of changes such as a slowed metabolism or weakened bone structure. However, there are other, less visible changes that can have serious consequences. Hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, has been found to affect up to 16 percent of adults over 60 years of age. This, along with other thyroid problems, has been difficult to study for scientists, because symptoms of thyroid diseases are often extremely subtle and easily attributed to other conditions.

Managing Your Senior Family Member's Insomnia

Everyone experiences the aging process differently, making it hard to predict ailments before they occur. To combat this, it’s important to keep an eye on our senior family members and to recognize any difficulties they may be having. A common problem that many people experience is insomnia, and this is especially true in the geriatric population. According to the American Journal of Medicine, more than 50 percent of elderly people suffer with insomnia. The syndrome can have a strong negative impact on day-to-day activities, but with proper management, it doesn’t need to hinder overall quality of life.