Happy Living: How Meet-Ups helps Senior Citizens stay Social, Active, and Healthy

The idea many have of life after retirement is often dream-like. It is filled with rounds of golf, enjoying hobbies both new and old, and a complete sense of well-being. Now you have the chance to live for yourself once again. You can spend more time with those you care about and decompress after a lifetime of hard work and dedication. No longer does your employer dictate your daily schedule. Instead, your schedule is entirely your own. This is an appealing thought for anyone who has worked and lived through the good times and the bad. Unfortunately, the idea that retirement brings with it a happy, healthy, active, and social lifestyle is not the reality for many seniors.

A study by the National Institute on Aging notes that 42.3 percent of seniors were either not at all satisfied or only moderately satisfied in their first year of retirement. 5-10 years into retirement that figure jumps to 53.2 percent. Furthermore, a 2013 report by the Institute of Economic Affairs found that retirement increases the risk of clinical depression by 40 percent. According to the report, social isolation and inactivity are the main causes for these findings.  

In order to fend off feelings of dissatisfaction and depression in the golden years, it is important to take it upon yourself to remain social and active. By doing so, you not only improve your mental health, but your physical health and quality of life, as well.

One way to do this is by visiting www.meetups.com to find activities that spark your interest. Here are a few great meet ups you can join to stave off social isolation, inactivity, and the health problems accompanying them.

The Baby Boomer Lifestyle, Education & Resource Group

This meet up aims to be a social and support group for Baby Boomers to gather and discuss topics ranging from healthcare and the economy to proper nutrition, food, and wine. This meet up repeats every week on Thursday and often offers, in addition to a new social group, free healthy organic fruit and vegetable smoothies to all who attend.

Broomfield Healthy Bodies

This group focuses on people 50 years and older and offers four main programs, which include strength training, a summer walking program through open areas in Broomfield, and bike rides through the North suburban area. But perhaps the most beneficial activity BHB offers is its “Silver Sneakers Yoga  / Senior Stretch” class. Everyone from the physically fit to those with disabilities of any sort can and will benefit from this class. The program is easily adaptable to any physical restriction you may have. Whether you are wheelchair bound or otherwise lack physical mobility, this class will help keep you healthy and happy in a relaxed setting.

Get Fit, Not Hurt

This group meets monthly to help anyone looking to live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Recent meet ups include discussions on how memory and nutrition interact with one another, as well as workshops teaching you how proper nutrition can reduce inflammation, decrease pain throughout your body, and even prevent diseases.

Ageless Adventurers 55 & Over

If you enjoy concerts, museums, dining, or other activities and would like to share these experiences with other likeminded “Ageless Adventurers” in the Denver area, then this is the group for you. With 249 members and growing, and events ranging from free “Estate Planning 101” to “Wine & Lunch” outings at local wine cellars, there is something sure to pique your interest.

Baby Boomers Social Club

Whether you want to share a hobby you’ve honed over the years with other Boomers or want to learn something new, this Social Club invites anyone who wants to share an interest to join. Be it a conversation over coffee or learning how to crochet, knit, or make jewelry, this Denver meet up is ideal for learning new skills and meeting new friends on a regular basis.

These groups are only a fraction of what is out there to keep you or your loved one healthy and happy in the next chapter of their life. Start small and incorporate simple outings and meet ups into your weekly routine. Soon enough, you’ll be sure to start noticing a positive change in your mind, body, and even in your relationships. 

Whether you’ve found a group you love or are still looking, we are here to help. Visit our site and contact us so that we can provide you with everything you need to stay social, active, and healthy. 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons 0 license